Mess at Residential School for Boys

Young ones need good diet for healthy mind and body. Hill Range, boarding school for boys in Maharashtra has fully equipped and spacious kitchen that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Meals are cooked in fully supervised kitchen and hygienic conditions. We give a balanced diet to the pupils that help in growth and development of the body.  The menu comprises of basic food items like dal, roti, rice, seasonal vegetables to special dishes like chicken, mutton, biryani, etc. The diet also includes milk and milk items, salads, sweet dishes and seasonal fruits.

The well-lit and spacious dining area is designed to give ample space for the students to have their food in comforting environment. Separate sections are managed for vegetarian and non-vegetarian kids. Each meal starts with a prayer. Discipline and decorum is maintained in the dinning section also and supervisors keep an eye on all students to ensure that everyone is having their food and not wasting anything. The diet menu is thoroughly planned after consulting the nutritionists and doctors.