About Hill Range High School

Hill Range High School was established by Late Shri M.R. Bhilare, Father of the esteemed educational institution and Hill Range Education Foundation Trust in June 1987 with 11 students that have grown into one of the Top Boarding School in Maharashtra with the finest educational facilities for day scholars as well as boarding areas. As we believe that “Knowledge is Power,” it aims to give quality education with modern technique to develop self confidence, personality of students and discipline students to effectively deal with the challenges of day to day life.
     Hill Range, English and Marathi Medium Boarding School, is the temple for the students wherein they are guided, instructed and molded. It is the garden in which students are flowered. Its playground and gymnasium is the place where students gain their physical prowess, the classroom where students mind are nurtured. Its teachers are the ones who introduce students with new ideas, discoveries and inventions. They provide with an attitude that broadened student’s outlook about life.
     The Principal and the Management of this esteemed educational institution provide students with various opportunities that help students to grow and make progress. Students’ heart is full of deep gratitude for this wonderful place, this huge storehouse of knowledge, that they had the good fortune to avail themselves of. The playground, the silent walls, the pictures in the classroom will always be a part of them. And even though it is said that nothing lasts forever this institute will always be in their heart. Wherever they go whatever they do the academy will last in their hearts and minds.
     Although Hill Range that is listed among the top Boarding School in Maharashtra, presently has state-of-the-art campus and latest technology, but the crux of Shri Bhilare's vision continues to be the strength of the system. The institution's motto, "education to one and all", summarizes the true spirit of the educational institution. Students and teachers equally endeavor not only to enlighten themselves intellectually and emotionally, but also to serve back the society.
     Boarding school that offers both English and Marathi medium is dedicated to sustaining the figurative and literal foundation laid down by the visionaries. The management and academy is continuously indebted to the people who worked to make what Hill Range High School is today.
     The educational institute makes its students learn to succeed in whatever they aim and serve back the society to make it a wonderful place to live.
In the academy where each one is recognized and important, the curriculum inculcates:

     We endorse the collective growth that comprises of intellectual, physical, emotional, creative and spiritual development that will help students to lead a satisfying life and make them more valuable to the greater society. We make all efforts to maintain and keep embedding values and focus on overall growth as we consciously develop a society that symbolizes and rejoices the diversity that distinguishes the modern society and makes us one of the few pioneers who are ranked as the top boarding school.
     Our nurturing of highly inspiring educational environment for English and Marathi Medium can only be concluded when we invite and maintain a distinct student population, teachers and other experts who consider, greet and respect diversity consisting of nationality, race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, age, gender and ability.
     We anticipate the members of society to respect and value all that makes us distinct and look out for perceptions that confront our own. We must hence forth endow our society and country with the abilities and language required for reliable quest and conversation, as we give power to the students and teachers to be responsible citizens at Hill Range and beyond.

Aims & Objective :