Chairman Message


I have had a privilege to complete a dream of my father Mr. M. R. Bhilare. As per his dream he had forecast a institution, where the child that need to be awakened, so many attributes that can be developed by teachers.

I would like to quote Albert Einstein here. ' It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
Thus i have always believed that it is in my hand to provide all facilities to children, what they need to know, but do so in unique and entertaining manner.

As our motto is "Knowledge Is Power". SO i would like to provide everything to the children and teachers that Knowledge gained in that way will never be forgotten.

I am very happy and privilege of being known to have and see nurtured and increased institutions, all of which I am rightly proud of.
My all blessings and well wishes to my Principal and his team doing so good job to shape the children’s future.

Thank you

Jatin Bhilare