Curriculum Hill Range High School

     Hill Range High School is the residential school that has set benchmarks in education and dedication to impart an over-all personality and skill development for all its students. Each determined attempt is made to inculcate love for education in the minds of young ones and a suitable environment has been developed that encourages a positive outlook towards life.

     The curriculum planned for our students takes care of their learning, personal growth and skill development. It comprises of not only the basic requirements of the SSC Curriculum, but also the wide-range of extra-curricular activities that enhances the student's personality. It is our responsibility to prepare young ones how to grow into optimistic and dependable citizens of tomorrow, who will carve not only their future, but also the country’s prospects. We have worked out a curriculum that is just not about books, but it widens student’s intelligence and thought process.

School Curriculum

     The Maharashtra Government has recognized the residential SSC Board School. The medium of teaching is English and Marathi. For an over-all personality development of the pupils, the institution concentrates on:

Medium of Institution

      We are English and Marathi medium residential school. It is very essential that a child should have good knowledge of English as well as our mother tongue Hindi and regional languages like Marathi and Gujarati.


     To ensure our exams are fair to students. We also carry out detailed research and analysis of student’s performance as an activity that we perform to improve every kids’ versatile personality and to measure their ability. Our SSC results tell that we are the best boarding school in Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. We are well-known for our SSC results for many years. The setting the direction Framework is being implemented under action on inclusion. This work supports a transition to an inclusive education system where all students belong and receive a quality education regardless of their ability, disability, language, cultural background, gender, age, etc.


     We organize a lot of sports and cultural activities in our school. Our students have performed at national level in karate as well as long jumps and running. Beside that we arrange annual sports meet every year in the month of December. We have other activities for those children who are very good in sports and dancing. Our annual function day includes Singing, Dancing, Dramas, One act play, etc.

Aims and Objectives

Course Description

     We prepare the students for the Secondary Certificate Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Kolhapur Division.

Primary School

     Class first to fourth forms the primary school section at Hill Range. The permissible admission age is five and half and above. At this tender age, apart from academics we focus on enhancing language and social skills. The primary school consists of the following courses:

We methodically planned and developed infrastructure and caring environment for the little ones. We make all possible efforts to make learning an enjoyable process for the students that help them to grow at their own pace.

Secondary School

     It includes class fifth to tenth. The secondary school consists of the following courses: