Hill Range High School -- Mission Statement

The main objective of one of the best Residential School in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani is to ensure that young boys and girls lay the foundation of their future life under the umbrella of learning and benevolence. Established in the year 1986 with an aim to impart education to one and all without any discrimination, the educational institution promotes:

RESPECT for learning and order
We think it is really very essential to make our students study the classics and the best of the Indian intellectual tradition that consists of both the sciences and the humanities. Hill Range, one of the leading Coed Residential School in India, creates the heart, body and mind by means of an incorporated and planned evolution of knowledge in a tranquil and structured environment. Our learners are offered an excellent platform to identify basic beliefs, truths and texts that have appeared as a mystery for each and every generation since ages along with the latest technology to build a long-lasting interest in learning.

LIABILITY to serve the society and the country
We are dedicated to inhabit as a community that respects and values every living being. Renowned Coed Residential School is motivated by the Spartan presence and the simple tradition of common life that consists of prayer, learn, perform and amusement. We open heartedly welcome scholars from distinct ethnicity, culture and background while motivating awareness for the religion, traditions, culture and latest technologies. We look out to respect the nobility of each human being as a child of God, and endeavor to develop the abilities of each scholar for leadership and service in our society and in the country.

VENARABILITY for God and the people
Our belief is that God is one and he is the focal point of all living beings. All the perpetual questions like Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? How do I get there? - we can discover the answers to all these questions in God. Consequently, we look forward to encourage in our scholar's lives a lifelong belief in God and equality for all members of the society. We make all efforts to make the heart, mind and soul strong with these spiritual beliefs and thus laying a stronger foundation for academic and intellectual studies at the prestigious Mahabaleshwar based residential school.