Late Mr. M. R. Bhilare -- Founder & Father of the Best Boarding School in Maharashtra

    To mark the beginning of a new journey on 1st January 1986 Hill Range Education Society was established with an aim to offer education and take it to the personal level. We felt that it was our moral responsibility to start this journey, as we felt that one is powerless without good education. As soon as we started, this journey took us through different that we didn’t even imagine. One of them was the establishment of Hill Range High School, a boarding school in Panchgani, in the year 1987.

    The main objective was to provide the best Boarding School in Maharashtra, where children can grow and get the best education. Late Mr. Bhilare wanted built a residential school in Panchgani with state-of-the-art facilities and could also realize the geographic distances were a concern for the parents when they were sending their children to such educational institution. He believed that the quality of education is the focal point of everything. There are other important aspects as well. Learning the right things & skills at the right level is also vital and also ease to use and flexible approach are essential we are to be honest with all of you for good education and moral & discipline as well.

    Boarding school is also a kind of a residential school; although, not every residential school is a "classic" boarding school. But still a lot many times people also call such institutions as residential school.

    Children in our country need education so that they can be led from “darkness in to light." So, many years ago, realizing the importance of education, we laid the foundation of HILL RANGE. In the beginning, the journey was not smooth, but what kept us moving was our determination to shape the future of the young people of the country. Now, the school has grown leaps and bounds with a spreading campus of classrooms, dining areas, study rooms, library, grounds and athletic fields.

    The intelligibility and significance of our Mission. We realize the significance of the role we are playing the society and one of our objectives is to offer the best education to make the foundation strong for the coming years, we view our basic purpose to be to prepare our students for their life journey that is successful and satisfying. More particularly, we look out to inspire every student to follow honesty, curiosity, respect, basic values and a dedication to serve and help others.
     The outstanding ability and dedication of our staff members. The faculty possess’ years of experience and potential and they find nothing more satisfying than making the best use of their abilities and expertise to help their young learners grow in the most healthy and significant ways. They are skilled and qualified group.
     The strength and power of our program. At Hill Range, Boarding School in Panchgani, young children can choose the courses of their liking and they don’t have forgone their choices. Apart from this, they get the best opportunities to gain from the careful and close personal attention and develop a strong sense of sharing and community which comes as a part and parcel of this Best Boarding School in Maharashtra. Actually, it is the amalgamation of that choice and our experience which builds the hallmark of the school – involvement. Hill Range Students are deeply engrossed in their school life. They are supported and encouraged to discover their abilities and likings and to bestow to the happiness and welfare of others.
    When we started our journey, we never thought that we will cover such long distance. Your future is our future and together we can make it exceptionally brilliant. It is not without any apprehension, but you are not alone in this journey, and during this course you realize your potentials and talents which you never knew existed, and you may also discover the happiness and blissful world that you wished existed.